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The Concerts and Events page is available for listing public events by member bands for upto six months ahead, and is now listing public events by member bands through to the end of the year. If the details of performances by your member band are not up to date, email details to Event listings are after all one of the benefits of membership. The Latest News section is also available if your member band has anything particularly newsworthy, so send such items to the same address.

Festival of the International Guild of Town Pipers 2020
Our ninth town pipers' festival is now confirmed for May 15th to 17th 2020 in the fair, historic and well-preserved city of Worcester. Put the date in your diary! At our last festival twelve bands of waits attended and performed in King's Lynn, over seventy musicians from three countries and two continents. Let's make next year's gathering even bigger and better. Details will appear in due course on the Festivals Page of the website.

Summer Schools of interest to players of waits-type loud winds
The following early music summer schhools with waits-related tutors may be of interest.
Chalemie with Tim Bayley (double reeds), Katie Hodges (natural trumpet) and Tamsin Cowell (cornett), Oxford, 5-10 April (Sorry, you've missed it this year).
Dartington week 1 with William Lyons (double reeds) and The City Musick, Dartington, 27 July to 3 August.
Cambridge Renaissance Week with Gawain Glenton (cornett) and William Lyons (double reeds), Cambridge, 4-11 August.
HISS Historically Informed Summer School with Richard Thomas (natural trumpet and cornett) and George Bartle (sackbut), Beverley, 12-16 August.

2019 aand 2020 Anniversaries for Early Musicians
2019 sees the 350th anniversary of the deaths of Antonio Bertali and Johan Froberger, the 400th of the birth of Barbara Strozzi, the 425th of the death of Giovanni Palestrina, the 450th of the birth of Jakob Hassler and death of Filippo Azzaiolo, and the 500th of the birth of Jehan Tabourot (Thoinot Arbeau). We might wish to bear these in mind for the year's performances. Looking ahead to 2020, we'll have the 400th anniversary of the death of Thomas Campion and the 450th of the birth of Salamone Rossi. It will also be the 500th anniversary of The Field of Cloth of Gold.

Waits at the York Mystery Plays 2018
The 2018 wagon-staged production of the York Mystery Plays took place on the 9th and 16th of September 2018. There was also an evening performance of some of the plays on the 12th. Once again waits and similar historically attired musicians joined the event, to process the pageant wagons between performance stations around the city centre and play during set-up and take-down at each station. The Waits of Leeds, York, Gloucester, Baggeshotte, Doncaster and Gloucester, "Time and Tide Waits", De Mowbray's Musicke and our friends the Taborers performed.

Significant days each year for early musicians
There are two days every year when we early musicians should get out and about and perform. The first of these is International Bagpipe Day on March 10th. Then comes "European Day of Early Music" on March 21st. The title is self-explanatory. The third is "Uncommon Musical Instrument Appreciation Day" on July 31st and, let's face it, nobody plays more uncommon musical instruments than early musicians. Every July 31st we should be out there showing the world our shawms, curtals, cornetts, racketts, sordunes, gemshorns, non-Scottish bagpipes, bray harps, theorboes, opharions, bandoras, citterns, gitterns, hurdy-gurdies, rebecs, tromba marinas, lirones etc. and demonstrating to everyone what a rich spectrum of sounds have been lost to the contemporary music world.