The IGTP Virtual Festival 2021
We were determined to go ahead with our IGTP Festival this year, but it was impossible to gather in Worcester. However, we managed to get together in cyberspace for a few pieces in a virtual "Great Noyse". You will also find the link on the IGTP Facebook page.

Rompeltier through time and space
Retired York Wait James Merryweather collected versions of the German medieval song Rompeltier some years back, and the York Waits used to perform a suite of several different ones. Further research by James during lockdown and the miracle of modern technology has allowed him to publish his fascinating account as this linked video.

Membership renewals
The IGTP extended 2020 annual membership until March 31st, so 2021 group and individual membership renewals for the twelve months up to March 31st 2022 fall due next week. Prompt renewal would be appreciated. It's going to be a strange year but we are planning guild activities his year although the Worcester Festival has had to be postponed to 2022 (see below).

UPDATE: Waits' Festival in Worcester delayed until 2022
Because of the continuing Covid restrictions we are now planning to hold in on May 13-15 2022. Please make a note of the dates somewhere (as 2022 diaries are not yet available). We will be consulting member bands about the feasibility of other IGTP activitiess (real or virtual) later this year.

Historical records of waits
There have been a number of significant additions to our historical records of sixteen groups of English waits. Mostly these come from secondary sources, but they may inspire researchers to seek out the source material. Records include payments, duties, livery, and historical events. Perhaps the most noteworthy, to add to our existing texts of the waits' guilds based in Beverley and at Tutbury Castle, is the charter of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Waits of 1677.

Performance listings and news items
The Concerts and Events page is normally available for listing public events by member bands for up to six months ahead. Under the Government's schedule for the relaxation of Covid guidelines, if there are no further delays we should be able to perform in public again after June 21st. We are happy to list public events for member bands for the whole of 2021 so please submit them any time. If the details of performances by your member band are not up to date, email details to Event listings are after all one of the benefits of membership. The Latest News section is also available if your member band has anything particularly newsworthy, so send such items to the same address.

Significant days each year for early musicians
There are two days every year when we early musicians should get out and about and perform. The first of these is International Bagpipe Day on March 10th. Then comes "European Day of Early Music" on March 21st. The title is self-explanatory. The third is "Uncommon Musical Instrument Appreciation Day" on July 31st and, let's face it, nobody plays more uncommon musical instruments than early musicians. Every July 31st we should be out there showing the world our shawms, curtals, cornetts, racketts, sordunes, gemshorns, non-Scottish bagpipes, bray harps, theorboes, opharions, bandoras, citterns, gitterns, hurdy-gurdies, rebecs, tromba marinas, lirones etc. and demonstrating to everyone what a rich spectrum of sounds have been lost to the contemporary music world.